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Liqua Smoke Juice

Liqua™ Smoke Juice Flavors

LIQUA™ ingredients (propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glyceraol, Flavors and Nicotine) withstand the highest standards of production
set by the United States Pharmacopeia. All liquids pass through SGS reports. Purest nicotine has no tobacco components inside and
is protected from any oxidation during the manufacturing.

American BlendTraditional Tobacco FlavorTraditional Tobacco FlavorBright Tobacco FlavorFrench Pipe Tobacco FlavorCuban Cigar Tobacco FlavorMenthol FlavorMints FlavorBanana FlavorVanilla FlavorCitrus Mix FlavorApple FlavorWatermelon FlavorBlueberry FlavorGrape FlavorStrawberry FlavorCherry FlavorBerry Mix FlavorEnergy Drink FlavorCola FlavorChocolate FlavorTiramisu FlavorCoffee Flavor

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